golfproperty.com provides a global platform to link buyers, sellers and renters of golf property around the world

Living in a community on and around golf courses is becoming an increasingly popular lifestyle choice for those looking to take advantage of course facilities – whether that’s easy access to the links for a round or two, or using amenities such as tennis courts, clubhouses, spas and restaurants.

For many, it is the feeling of space and privacy overlooking acres of manicured gardens and wooded pockets that attracts them to life on the green.

Regardless of the reason you’re looking, or what type of golf residence you are seeking, golfproperty.com lists course-side properties across the globe on a single platform and in multiple languages.


Search Globally

golfproperty.com gathers the best golf properties for sale and for rent from around the world on a single platform. We provide details about properties, golf courses, course architects and locations, so Buyers have the key information required to find the golf property, community and lifestyle that best suits their needs.

Buyers can benefit from a more powerful search filtering, including searching for properties globally by golf course and course architect in addition to country, province/state, city/suburb, dwelling type and price range.

This eliminates the need to visit several other sites to get the information Buyers need to select their next property purchase.

Fast, Convenient and Easy

We make it fast and easy to find golf property anywhere in the world, with international listings included and translated into multiple languages. Our site is simple to navigate for Buyers as well as Agents, Brokers and Realtors. We keep it easy, with the ability for Buyers to contact Agents directly and instantly.

golfproperty.com is just as convenient for Agents, Brokers and Realtors with uploading listings via their standard interface plus selection of listing package and upgrades via one click.

Fast Convenient & Easy
Benefits to Buyers & Sellers

Benefits to Buyers and Sellers

golfproperty.com provides the key information to assist Buyers to select their next purchase of a property located on or around a golf course. Buyers and renters can contact the listing agent, broker or realtor directly from the property listings and receive a response asap.

golfproperty.com focuses on beautiful homes located on or close to golf courses including a number of prestige properties. Similarly, we target those Buyers seeking this category of homes that best suits their lifestyle.

This provides a commanding advantage to both Buyers and Selling Agents – where Buyers can search among properties specifically in this category, while Agents, Brokers and Realtors benefit from receiving the most qualified visitors viewing their properties listed on golfproperty.com.

Agents, Brokers and Realtors are able to add new listings in a range of other languages easily to reach global buyers quickly and cost effectively.

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