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Finding golf properties has always been difficult, time-consuming and even a little confusing without abundant local knowledge. eliminates this dilemma by providing the relevant information required to find your ideal golf home, all in one place.

If additional research is required on the golf course and surrounding environs, it most often required visiting several different web sites and other sources. Searching for properties overseas or in your native language, other than English, took even more time and effort. will provide the best golf properties for sale and rent throughout the world as well as in multiple languages.

How Does It Work

Search globally gathers the best golf properties for sale and for rent from around the world on a single platform. We provide details about properties, golf courses, course architects and locations, so Buyers have the key information required to find the golf property, community and lifestyle that best suits

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Everyone has free access to the range of properties listed plus courses featured within a couple of clicks via our powerful and easy search filtering. Visitors can now search for properties globally by golf course and course architect in addition to country, province/state, city/suburb, dwelling type and price range.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Golf Community is one or more neighborhoods defined to be connected with one or more golf courses and golf club(s).  As a consequence of golf being a central component of what defines the Community, these neighborhoods tend to attract owners and residents of similar minds and values, providing a strong community element among the residents.  Golf Communities come in many shapes and sizes from just 200 golf homes up to 5,000 golf residences, or more. Some golf estates are targeted specifically to families, while others cater for retirement, or active adults over 55.

In some cases Golf Communities are gated and a portion having security guards attending to assist residents and guests.  Other Communities may provide unrestricted access to the neighbourhoods and villages therein.  A number of Communities are located close to a waterfront, such as lakes, rivers or even on the coast, which may provide the benefit of boating and a variety of watersports.   Others may be located in higher altitudes offering proximity to mountain walking trails and even skiing in the winter.

While Golf Communities often provide a selection of restaurants and cafes, some provide gourmet dining experiences and black tie social occasions.  However, Golf Communities are not solely restricted to the rich and famous, with  a large number catering for those with more modest tastes and budgets.  A large number of Golf Communities provide golf homes in varying designs, sizes and prices that may appeal to buyers from first home buyers up to those who have achieved significant financial independence.

Regardless of your stage of life, living in a golf home has become increasingly popular for golfers and non-golfers alike.  Golf Communities offer a wide range of benefits beyond just the inclusion of a great golf course, including resort style facilities, natural environment, serenity and in many cases, additional security.  Social activities and events cover a diverse range of interests and members may start their own special interest groups and social clubs.  Families living in golf communities often describe it as ‘like being on holiday all year round’.

Club membership is sometimes optional and can range across private, semi private, equity, non-equity and bundled.  In many cases, Club membership is compulsory, but may provide a number of different levels and benefits.

We are pleased to feature leading Golf Communities from throughout the world, which can be viewed here.  By clicking on the various buttons on each Community, more information can be viewed plus videos and the Golf Courses located within the Community as well as golf homes to buy, lease rental or vacation rental.  Enjoy! lists properties for sale, lease and rent that are located on or close to a golf course, i.e. within a short walk or drive from the golf course. These properties have close access to the golf course for golfers as well as a range of attributes for non golfers.

Research shows that only 30% of buyers of Golf Property actually play golf. While golfers may love living so close to a golf course, non golfers appreciate the natural surroundings and quiet environment, often accompanied by abundant flora and even wildlife. Take a look at our Golf Lifestyle section to see Buyer experiences of both Golfers and Non Golfers

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There is a range of different listing types and listing packages. If you are an Agent, Realtor or Broker, the different listing packages are displayed once you have created a Client Account. We provide different listing packages to suit your needs for either one listing or gain significant savings with a multiple listing package.

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The rise and fall of property prices depends on a number of factors, both macro economic and micro economic. Homes located on and around golf courses offer an idyllic lifestyle for just a few lucky owners and golf property values will be highest among buyers who seek this lifestyle. Golf properties also have the added potential of being able to be rented almost throughout the year to visiting golfers, depending on the local climate, which may increase the return on investment for the owner.

Every property has the Agent contact details that you can either contact directly or request a call back. In many cases, our chat function will arrange a call from the Agent at a time that is convenient to you.

Simply sign up as a Client (Agent, Broker/Realtor) and create an account. Within a few clicks you will be able to list all your golf properties on

Just like most real estate websites, is free for Buyers to access, including links to listing agents, realtors and brokers. You can enjoy all the content provided on regarding golf properties, golf courses, course architects and other information completely free of charge.

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Yes. If you are a Developer Client, you can receive a Developer Landing Page, which provides you the opportunity to showcase all your developments to the Buyers that visit There are also several additional advertising positions within the site that are not intended to include golf course properties and may be served automatically or programmatically to visitors.

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We currently have listings in Australia and a number of other countries. We will be pleased to list your property for sale, lease or rent. Please contact us here will be seeking local and international team members from time to time and will be seeking talented staff who like working in a fast paced environment, loves change and prepared to achieve what others may believe to be impossible.  We are also interested in providing internships and traineeships from time to time in a number of disciplines, such as online marketing, social media marketing, web administration, content creation, etc.  To express your interest in working with a great team and making a difference, please contact us here.

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