Terrace Downs Resort for sale in Canterbury, NZ

3 years ago
Terrace Downs Golf Club

If buying a golf home is not enough for you and you have your sights set higher, then how about an entire Golf Resort?

The luxury Terrace Downs golf resort in Canterbury, New Zealand is for sale after its owner died in Japan from Covid-19 on 19th April. Hiroshi Hasegawa, aged 59 was previously a Professional Golfer in Japan and purchased the resort in 2012 after obtaining NZ Overseas Investment Office approval.

The resort is located in mid-Canterbury, close to Mt Hutt and covers 250 ha at, aptly named, Windwhistle, near the Rakaia River.

The resort boasts an 18 hole golf course and is ranked 27th in the Top 100 Golf Courses in New Zealand by Top100golfcourses and features at the same ranking in golfproperty.com's NZ Top 100.

The course also features 10 lakes and panoramic views of the Southern Alps, from virtually every location on the Course, making Terrace Downs one of the most visually spectacular Courses in the country. 

As golfers playing on a Top 20 Course would expect, there is also a Clubhouse with restaurant, bar, cafe and day spa just in case not all visitors are avid golfers. Wedding and conference rooms are also included which are available for private and corporate functions.

Accommodation on the resort is privately owned, but with some of the 52 apartments and 26 free-standing chalets leased back to the resort.

Terrace Downs land was originally part of Snowdon Station. Shinnosuke Saito, another Japanese Pro-Golfer, bought the land and built the golf course in the 1990s, with the accommodation and other facilities added in the 2000s.

The resort is slated for auction on 17th September.

Terrace Downs golf course was originally designed by Canadian golf architect, Sid Puddicombe and David Cox. 

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