What to Look For

Throughout the world, golf course communities are a popular and highly desirable location in which to live. Once the preserve of golf-loving retirees, today they are popular with all demographics looking for a greater sense of community and an enviable lifestyle.

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For Golfers

Golfers should consider whether they will be playing on their 'home course' often or will play on several courses regularly. If the former, then choosing a home on a course that will provide the correct mix of challenge, home, location plus other features and amenities will be important. If the latter, then choosing the preferred home in the most suitable location may override choice of Golf Course.


For Families

Families young and old are increasingly being catered for by Golf Course Developers and Clubs with some young families describe living on a golf course is 'like being on holiday 365 days a year'. Consider what your family needs are both on and off the resort (e.g. leisure, activities, schools, hospitals, shopping, etc) and find a Golf Estate location that satisfies all your requirements.

What to Look For

For Non-Golfers

70% of Buyers of Golf Property don't play golf, so the benefits for Non-Golfers are significant. Buying a golf property is sure to connect you with a vibrant, active and healthy community regardless of age and circumstance. Get ready to start the next exciting chapter of your life!

Club House

For Investment

Golf property can provide strong investment returns both in terms of the value of the property as well as potential rental income, should this apply. As Golf Clubs and Golf Property Developments continue to expand their offerings, property values have increased substantially in several countries throughout the world as these additional features are implemented and appreciated by Buyers and Residents.

Golf Estate Location

Consider the type of area you want to live in. While you may get the benefits of being part of a golf estate community, it’s also important to consider the broader geographic area and towns. Some people like the idea of being near the sea or mountains, while for others, proximity to shopping, restaurants and entertainment is key.

For young families, schools and child-friendly spaces are important, while older residents or those with medical requirements should be considering the distance to hospitals and quality medical help.

If you are a golfer, it may be beneficial investigating if other courses are located nearby for when you feel like a change. While your home golf course may be fantastic, you should also ensure you buy in an area with a strong offering of additional facilities.

If playing golf year-round is your desire, look for a community that has a temperate year-round climate, or at least only a few weeks of extreme cold or heat.


A golfing community gives residents a real sense of belonging, involvement and connectedness – so it’s important to understand the demographics of the communities you are considering. Some areas may be targeted at professionals or families while others are ideal for retirees. It is important to find one that works best for you to create your best lifestyle.

Most golf properties have a vibrant social community that may be desirable for residents to join. Many these communities cater for families, both young and old, organising various social events throughout the year that are independent of the game, such as street gatherings, dinner parties, various celebrations for children plus adults plus even Halloween and Buggy Parades.

Golf Estate Facilities & Benefits

For golfers, free or discounted club membership may be attractive, but consider how popular the course is? While it’s great to have lower-cost membership, you should also ensure you can get a tee booking easily.

Other amenities to consider include the quality of the clubhouse, where you can gather and meet with others within the community and which might host regular social events.

Increasingly, residents may also want access to tennis courts, an indoor or outdoor pool and BBQ area, plus a selection of restaurants (both high-quality and family-friendly).

If you, like an increasing number of professionals, work online or from home, some business facilities may be desirable.

Families are always on the lookout for activities to keep kids amused with some courses, particularly in the US and Japan, offering summer camps, hiking and boating activities.

If you wish to immerse yourself in a resort environment, look out for golf communities that offer day spas, gyms pool and yoga activities to residents.

Home Location

Of course, exactly where your home is located on the golf course is a very personal choice. For some, the thought of being next to a green or fairway and watching other golfers play, is picturesque and idyllic. But it’s also worth considering the upkeep of the fairways and greens could mean lawnmowers, automatic sprinklers and other ambient noise at various times of the day.

Depending on the size of the resort, even homes located on or around the course can be a significant drive to the course facilities. This may suit some buyers, who prefer the convenience of being close to other amenities in the suburb, above golf course amenities – while others may prefer to be located within a short walk of the clubhouse and the first tee.

If you want privacy while being close to the action, look for a home that has hedging or screening to prevent golfers looking into your home as they pass. Of course, that hedge or fence may also obstruct your views of the beautiful fairways and greens, so try to take a look from both sides of the fence.

Security and Safety

Many golf estates provide additional security and safety features for owners and residents. This may range from simple entrance gates activated by an electronic pass, to CCTV and on-site Security staff for larger estates. Some residents may also require additional assistance on occasion and parents of young families will have safety a high priority.

But while added Security may provide additional peace of mind for residents, golf estates tend to attract residents who share common values on the importance of safety and security in their community and so additional Security is not necessarily present in all golf estates.

When selecting your ideal golf property take time to consider how important Security will be in achieving your desired lifestyle and what levels of Security you may desire, including:

  • Gated community
  • CCTV Cameras
  • On-site Security Staff
  • Additional Safety and Security provisions


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