Why Buy Golf Property?

Living on or around a golf course is becoming increasingly popular for golfers and non-golfers alike, for both the lifestyle benefits and the sense of community.

For Golfers

An enviable lifestyle combined with your love of the game

Most buyers seek the resort lifestyle benefits, community atmosphere, natural environment and quiet surrounds – often with beautiful views of immaculate greens and well-kept fairways. For those also seeking investment returns, golf property can be an attractive option, with the property often able to be rented year-round to holiday makers and golfers, visiting for weekenders or a longer stay.
Golf property provides a unique combination of attributes to enable you to achieve an enviable lifestyle upon commencing the next chapter of your life, including:

  • Living close to your favourite game
  • Access to a vibrant healthy community
  • Access to resort facilities and natural environment
  • Strong potential return on investment
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Golf at Your Doorstep

For golfers, nothing beats seeing perfectly manicured lawns and fairways from your own backyard - knowing you can jump in your golf cart and be at the first tee within minutes to enjoy a game with like-minded people. Golf Clubs are increasingly offering excellent facilities, with some courses offering free or discounted membership to owners and residents.

Beyond the obvious advantages of living and breathing the sport you love comes several other benefits, some of which are included here.

Group of friends are smiling

The Golf Lifestyle

Living the Golf Lifestyle is an enviable position for most golfers. The ability to live close to one of your favourite golf courses and enjoy all it has to offer, including both the opportunity to play more often as well as the various facilities is hard to beat.

Living in a Golf Community provides closer contact not only with the game but also a vibrant community plus a network of friends and acquaintances with similar values. Inevitably, other residents will share at least one common passion - their favourite game.

For Golfers Family Benefits

Family Benefits

Whether you are the sole player in your household, or play together with other family members, living in a Golf Community can provide much more than just a golf course for the player(s) in the family.

Golf Property Developments are increasingly expanding their facilities and amenities for the rest of the family, including restaurants, cafes, gymnasiums, tennis courts, pools plus other leisure activities aimed at both adults and children. In some cases, additional business facilities are also provided to assist the growing number of professionals running their businesses from home.

For Non Golfers Property Values

Property Values

Golf properties often command a premium over a standard dry block in the suburbs. They may also provide significant rental opportunities, as golfers tend to play year-round, weather permitting, rather than solely in one or two seasons. As Golf Clubs and Golf Property Developments continue to expand their offerings, property values have increased substantially in several countries throughout the world as these additional features are implemented and appreciated by residents and buyers.


A lifestyle envied by many and achieved by few

With an estimated 70% of people buying golf property not players of the game, the benefits to non-golfers must therefore be very significant. The opportunity to swap city living with the associated noise, traffic and crowded spaces, for a life in an active and healthy community of residents with similar values is becoming increasingly attractive.

Golf property is no longer solely for those sharing a passion for the game of golf. We now see many Developers throughout the world creating golf estates that provide demonstrable benefits to non-golfers as well as golfers.

We aim to highlight a number of these benefits on golfproperty.com. However, the list is not exhaustive, and Buyers should consider what their current needs and preferences are when searching for their ideal golf property.


An Enviable Lifestyle

Non-golfers buying and living on or nearby a golf course tend to identify a range of lifestyle benefits that are key to their happiness. While some couples and families describe it as 'Living on a Resort 24/7', others appreciate the quiet and peacefulness that comes with these locations.

Notwithstanding individual preferences, almost all non-golfers mention the beautiful views and natural environment surrounding their home as a major benefit of living on a golf property.


Club Facilities and Amenities

We see new golf estates being created to cater for a range of age groups and lifestyles, from young families buying their first home, to busy professionals seeking a better work-life balance, right up to empty-nesters and retirees.

Golf courses with residential property are often located in more prestigious areas, likely to be within the catchment of higher quality schools and vibrant communities with great restaurants plus other amenities such as pools, tennis courts, gymnasiums and day spas.

For Non-Golfers Community & Security

Community and Security

Most golf properties have a vibrant social community that residents may inevitably join. Many of these communities cater for families, both young and old, organising various social events throughout the year that are independent of the game. These may include street gatherings, dinner parties, various events and celebrations for children as well as adults plus even Halloween and Buggy Parades.

Golf communities may be gated with onsite security, making them a safe lifestyle destination with negligible crime rates, if any.

For Non Golfers Property Values

Property Values

Golf properties tend to maintain their value, often showcasing year-round views as well as open space providing the sense of privacy and freedom while still being part of a vibrant social community. Those living by a golf course are also unlikely to be built out with new developments suddenly obstructing their valuable views.

For those not living permanently in their golf home, these features and the golf course may attract rental tenants, providing short-term rental income. Golf homes are an attractive investment to rent out year-round, as visiting golfers tend to play throughout the year rather in just one season.


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